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Features & Benefits
  • Redundant Fail-Safe Solid State PNP Outputs.
  • Self-contained 2 unit system.
  • EN 61496 type 4 design.
  • Compact, rugged, simple to install.
  • Built-in beam blanking capability.
  • Flexible interfacing.
  • Robust one-piece aluminum extruded body measures only 35mm (1 3/8”) x 45mm  (1 3/4”).
  • Detection Capability, 14mm, 30mm and 70mm.
  • CE Certified and Marked. 
  • Independently Third Party Approved.
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The Guardstar B Series Light Curtain has been designed as a compact, intelligent unit capable of answering current and future demands within the guarding industry.

Advanced electronics is at the heart of the New B Series with extensive use of powerful surface-mounted microprocessors and Guardstar’s Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC).

These engineered components permit the compact size and sophistication of these units, allowing them to perform many tasks, normally only possible with extensive external equipment and complex wiring.

System Specifications
Detection Capability 14mm (1/2")
30mm (1 3/16")
70mm (2 3/4")
Response Time <18 ms
Curtain Lengths up to 1800mm (6ft.)
Enclosure Rating IP65
Effective Aperture Angle  +/- 2 degrees
Cross Section  45mm (1 3/4") x 
 35mm (1 3/8")
Operating Range  6m (14mm) or
 13m (30mm & 70mm)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C
(per 100mm)
200g (7oz)
Wavelength 880 nm
Radiation Intensity Class 1 LED product
 (IEC 60825-1)
Safety Outputs 2 x PNP (Fail-Safe)
 500mA @ 24V DC 
Flexible Interface
An emitter and receiver pair function as a self-contained system which is capable of safety functions without additional equipment. The interface configuration can be used with a variety of readily available safety relay units, and fail-safe PLC’s, in addition to a wide range of control units from Tapeswitch.

Product Range
A wide range of sizes and specifications are available, including models for small apertures, large access areas, and point of operation protection for fingers, hands, arms and torsos.

Beam Blanking
Beam blanking allows the light curtain to operate where there is a permanent obstruction in the sensing field, such as workpiece supports. All B Series units have a built-in “teach” function allowing them to learn from a hand-held programming unit without additional equipment or delay. They are easily configured for fixed obstructions. Two floating beams allow the obstruction to move up and down within the sensing field without activating the outputs.

EN 61496 Type 4 Design
This is the highest level of the most stringent standard in the world, acceptable and suitable for the most dangerous of machines. CE certified and marked. (Independently third party approved.)

The tough one-piece aluminum extruded body measures only 35mm (1 3/8”) x 45mm (1 3/4”) providing integrated appearance on the machine. It’s strong enough for the toughest industrial environments and has excellent resistance to vibration and impacts. The use of ASIC electronics also means a greatly reduced component count for higher reliability and simple servicing.

Solid State Surface Mount Construction
The B Series sensing unit is designed using state of the art surface mount technology. All of the sensing unit components are solid state, therefore there are no moving parts. This significantly improves both reliability and response time. The response time of less than 15ms is independent of curtain size.

Connectors and Cables
The B Series sensing units are equipped with quick disconnects. The receiver has an 8 pin male and the emitter has a 5 pin male. The molded cable assemblies are keyed to ensure that the cables cannot be inadvertently misconnected. The cables are IP68 rated, UL and CSA recognized. The cables are offered in 15 ft. and 30 ft. lengths and are ordered separately. 

Mounting Brackets
Mounting brackets are supplied with the B Series sensing units. The brackets can be oriented to accommodate most installation requirements. They are designed to fit with most commonly available structural framing systems. 

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