Straight-cut and helical cut gear racks & matching drive gears

One of our most requested product lines is now available (and PRICED RIGHT)! Control Resources is pleased to supply the following items available for immediate shipment from inventory:

  • Straight-cut gear rack (16 pitch, 20º pressure angle, 3/4" face, 3/4" height) in 48" or 72" lengths. Comes pre-drilled for easy mounting and ends ground for butting.
  • 16-tooth, 24-tooth or 32-tooth drive spur gears compatible with the straight rack.

  • Helical-cut gear rack (module 1.5, 20º pressure angle, 17mm face, 17mm height) in 1500mm or 2000mm lengths. Comes pre-drilled for easy mounting and ends ground for butting.
  • 25-tooth or 32-tooth drive pinion gears compatible with the helical rack.

When your machine's precision motion drive exceeds what can easily and economically be achieved via ball screws, rack and pinion is the logical choice. Our products are precision ground and meet AGMA 9 specs. Best of all, our gear rack comes with indexing holes and mounting holes pre-bored. That saves you lots of time, hassle and expense. Just bolt it to your frame.

If your travel length is more than can be obtained from a single length of rack, no problem. Precision machined ends allow you to butt additional pieces and keep on going.

Find out more about CRI's gear and rack products by accessing the following PDFs:

Need CAD? Access these 3D STEP files for all available products.

Straight cut rack & pinion:

Helical cut rack & pinion:

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