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TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusions

Compatible with 80/20, Item, Parker, Bosch, IPS and other systems


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Control Resources is pleased to stock the TSLOTS brand extruded aluminum framing system.  These incredibly versatile components (which are compatible with 80/20, IPS, Item, Parker and similar systems) can be used to construct virtually anything you require...or could imagine! We now feature the "B" series TSLOTS line which is compatible with Bosch.

Easy and fast to assemble with standard tools and simple fasteners (eliminates welding).  Allows you to adjust and change configurations.  Clean, pleasing look.  No painting required.  Empowers you with great design flexibility.

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If you are new to TSLOTS, here is a great place to start.

CLICK HERE to access our full library of PDF support documents for the TSLOTS line. Gain instant technical information on ALL available products.

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TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusions:
Both INCH and METRIC profiles are available in a wide range of sizes and types.
TSLOTS Fasteners:
From the basic "economy" Tee nuts shown here to anchors, cap screws, end fasteners and anything else you'll need.
TSLOTS Hardware:
Levelers, casters, hinges, handles, latches, rollers, panels...you name it. 
We have everything you need to start and FINISH the project.
TSLOTS Brackets:
Brackets make your assembles strong and secure.  We have brackets for inside corners, outside corners, reinforcing gussets, joining strips/plates...you name it!
Custom Assemblies:
We can construct your entire project, if you desire.  The images at the top and right of this page are typical of the assemblies that can be made from TSLOTS.  Just e-mail or fax your drawings.

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