Fasteners for TSLOT Aluminum Extrusions 
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There are a number of TSLOT fasteners for you to choose from. Economy t-nuts are the most economical way to fasten your assembly. Anchor fasteners are a lower cost alternative to make a strong, clean, flush 90° joint in variable locations. End fasteners allow your frame to have a strong, square, hidden joint in a fixed location that makes assembly of your frame easier.  To view the complete selection of fasteners and view pricing, click here to link to our online store.

When ordering fasteners, keep the following in mind:

  • Typically you have many, many options for connecting things in any given application. Put another way, seldom is there just ONE WAY to connect extrusions. What you choose depends on many factors including cost, accesibility to the end of the slots, whether you have machining capabilities, etc.  See the PDF catalog sections pertaining to fasteners for guidance on what might work best for you.
  • Most fastners are sized according to the SLOT WIDTH incorporated into the extrusion. Common fasteners that are appropriate for the 10 series extrusions will not work with the 15 series...and vice versa.
  • For the most cost-effective fastening option, choose economy t-nuts and fasteners.
  • When you have a captive extrusion end, select drop-in fasteners and t-nuts.
  • Check out the "Tools" section of the PDF catalog to find the right tools you might need to complete the fastening job.


  • Options allow loading from end or from side.
  • Many available in fractional and metric sizes.
  • Highest quality available.
  • Finishes include corrosion resistant black zinc, bright zinc and stainless steel.
  • Clean flush connections easily achieved.

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We have segmented technical catalogs for ALL of the T-Slots products. This allows you to download only the information you need. You can also download full catalogs for imperial, metric and "B" series "Bosch-compatible" items.


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